Soul Sweat

Where? Indaba Yoga, Marylebone
When? Saturday January 18th 2 - 4pm
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Open 2020 with an empowering full body Maha Power Yoga session with the no- nonsense Elisa Devlin and float on to a sublime Alchemy Crystal sound journey with the imitable Candy Alderson.

We will start with intention and power awareness programming, followed by a big sweaty Yoga Asana practice and finish with extended Savasana supported by the sublime sound of pure crystal tone.

This two hour practice is the opportunity for you to replenish and recharge mind, body and soul. Super charge your asana practice and calmly cool down with melodic rest and re set. Guaranteed to boost and uplift. 

Yoga trainer

Elisa Devlin

Upside Down Core Body Love

Where? Indaba Yoga, Marylebone

When? Friday November 22nd 2 - 4pm

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You know that bit in yoga class when teacher says “and now those of you who practice headstand can go ahead” and you think to yourself “yeah right!” Now is your chance to learn the fundamental building blocks and techniques towards the illusive Yoga upside down poses. When you build a house first you build a strong foundation. Headstand and arm balances become strong and secure with the correct knowledge and prep work. All inversions are core body work. Expect core drills under stop watch – come and challenge yourself to be your strongest Self!! Combined with theory, anatomy and practice, practice, practice. This workshop is also for seasoned practitioners who will gain insight from practicing longer held inversions under time – how long can you stand on your head for? … that is how you build strength and stamina … Not suitable for complete beginners, those with serious injuries, or wrist issues. One years regular practice required. What to expect- core body drills, alignment instruction, longer held inversions for those long time Yogis, and methodical building blocks toward a steady and successful Yoga inversion.