Elisa Devlin

The official website for Transcendental Meditation is www.uk.tm.org 

TM is taught over four consecutive days about an hour each session. I teach from my home in N.London. The first step is to attend a FREE introductory talk, reserve your space here - uk.tm.org/london-highgate

Modern science tells us we are only using a fraction of our brain power. During Transcendental Meditation the whole brain lights up as opposed to partial firing during localised tasks. This whole brain functioning is called 'Total EEG Coherence' which leads to greater creativity, increased IQ, greater moral reasoning, decreased anxiety and a whole host of other benefits. In addition the physiology gains a state of deep rest allowing the nervous system to dissolve deep rooted stress.

As stress decreases, intelligence increased and creativity flows - life become more enjoyable, and our social interactions more harmonious. This is due to the deep rest gained during the practice. We all know stress is the biggest hindrance to progress. TM gives deep rest to our physiology allowing deep rooted stresses to be dissolved. The result  is a happier, better functioning you!!

I learned to meditate in 2002 and have been practicing ever since - because it works. It's a blessing to be fully qualified to teach this age old wisdom and share this simple technique for greater happiness and peace of mind. Meditation has been misunderstood for such a long time. Maharishi is an absolute legend in terms of his revival of the ease and naturalness of meditation. 

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi came to the West in 1957, he was a classical monk from the Himalayas but he was also a Scientist and Physicist. TM is the most widely researched meditation on the market, we have volumes of scientific peer reviewed studies to demonstrate the far reaching effects and positive results the practice offers.

I can't wait to tell you more ... don't delay, get in touch today. You can email me directly with any questions - elisadevlin@tm.org