Yoga trainer

Providing a safe practice environment in some of Londons top Yoga studios and with over 10k teaching hours experience you are in good hands. Incorporating a sound knowledge of anatomy, I seek to provide a challenging and fun class environment for all levels. Extensive experience with small and large groups as well as thematic workshops and private one 2 one sessions.

My goal is to offer strength and flexibility training which suit the health needs and fitness experiences of everyone. Please get in touch and find out how Yoga can benefit your life.

Elisa Devlin

Primary style is DYNAMIC POWER with an emphasis on original sequencing for a continuously evolving practice. drawing upon my BA Degree in Maharishi Vedic Science and my long time practice of maharishis transcendental meditation (tm) I seek to inspire, educate and help people on their yoga journey. Asanas are the external play, the inner work is the most rewarding. Practice with awareness, patience and compassion, train the heart, mind and the body to be strong and flexible. 

My Short Biography & mission statement