Elisa Devlin

Primary style is Dynamic Yoga with an emphasis on original sequencing for a continuously evolving practice. I care about your mental health, physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Practice with awareness, patience and compassion; train the heart, mind and the body to be strong and flexible. Drawing upon my BA Degree in Maharishi Vedic Science and my long time Transcendental Meditation (TM) practice, I aspire to educate, inspire and help people on their yoga journey. 

​​​Incorporating a sound knowledge of anatomy and intuitive style of teaching, and with over 20 years Yoga experience, I seek to provide the tools necessary for your personal evolution. I can guide you, but ultimately it's an inside job - You have to put the time in.

My goal is to offer strength and flexibility training which suit the health needs and fitness experience of every individual. Extensive experience with small and large groups as well as thematic workshops and private one 2 one sessions. It doesn't matter from where you are starting, the key is to start! Yoga is for everyone - all backgrounds, beliefs, all people. The results are there for those who are willing.